Brevard County Hold Harmless Agreement

A social security, bank account, debit, payment or credit card number is established in accordance with the article. 119.071 (3) F.S. confidential and only under the provisions of S. 119.071 (5) (a) F.S. and F.S. 119.071 (5) (b). This website contains information on Federal Tax Link communications and other pledge documents that are not identical to the content of documents submitted to this office by the IRS. Therefore, the results of a search for this indexing system cannot be taken into account in legal or administrative proceedings related to the title or transfer of assets, including, but not only, research relating to the sale of real estate and the enforced execution procedure, to determine the ownership shares of real estate to which a federal tax communication is bound. The registration division of Brevard County Clerk`s Office presents the information contained in the official online data search on this site as a service to the public.

For assistance in obtaining a copy of the required document, as filed by the IRS, please contact the official statements section of this office at 321-637-2004. Copies of the recorded documents can only be obtained from the office for which the search was conducted. Before using the official record search, please note that the scribe is the recorder of all instruments necessary or allowed to be included in a general series of “Official Records” books. At the time of payment of legal fees, the administrator records and indexes a large number of important documents that, in most cases, are related to real estate. For example, documents, mortgages, mortgages, mortgages, contracts, sworn insurance, subdivision tables, statements, property declarations, sales invoices, judgments, military dismissal certificates and residence declarations.

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