Chabahar Agreement Upsc

The first trilateral meeting between India, Afghanistan and Iran of the Chabahar Agreement Coordinating Council took place in Tehran, the capital of Iran. India, Iran and Afghanistan signed an agreement in May 2016 that provided for the establishment of a transit and transport corridor between three countries that use the port of Chabahar as one of the regional platforms. Highlights of the meeting. The railway line project was part of India`s commitment to the trilateral agreement with Afghanistan and Iran on the construction of another trade route to Afghanistan and Central Asia. To date, Iran has signed only two agreements with India to invest in Shabahar. Indian Railways Construction Ltd (IRCON) had pledged support for the rail line project in addition to $1.6 billion in funding. However, the work never began, with the US imposing sanctions on Iran. As the port of Chabahar is developed and operated by India, Iran also becomes a military ally of India. Chabahar could be used in the event that China decides to use its naval muscles by deploying ships in the port of Gwadar to secure its upper hand in the Indian Ocean, the Persian Gulf and the Middle East. Iran has decided to continue building a railway line linking the port of Chabahar to Zahedan, without any support from India due to funding delays. The move comes at a time when Iran is trying to enter into a 25-year economic and security partnership with China. The deal is worth $400 billion. From a diplomatic point of view, the port of Chabahar could be used as an entry point from which humanitarian operations could be coordinated.

Main Level: India-Iran relations have recently deteriorated To complete your preparation for the upcoming exam, check the following links: Shabahar is composed of Persian words Chahar, which means four; and bahar, it`s spring. This means a place that has spring in all four seasons. Chabahar is important for its fishing sector and will act as an important trading center connecting South Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East. India is involved in projects to build a railway line from this location to the mineral-rich Hajigak region of Afghanistan. The different reasons for the geopolitical importance of Chabahar port are listed below….

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