Consulting Agreement Practical Law

The first area of reflection is whether an advisory contract is indeed appropriate. It depends on whether the person intends to be a real advisor or if the relationship is more like an employment relationship, in which case an employment contract should be used. Our Masterclass for Creation series continues with a look at consulting contracts. In this article, we focus on the factors that need to be considered and addressed before we start developing such agreements. When a company finds itself in a situation where it is considering rehiring a consultant who was previously employed, it must ensure that the continuity of the person`s employment does not continue. Continuity may be interrupted when a certain amount of time has elapsed between the end of the employment relationship and the board, this period being a whole week that ends with a Saturday. Another factor to consider in the design of these contracts is whether the consultant can provide his services simultaneously to other companies. It is generally advisable to allow a consultant to provide services to several companies, as this indicates that their status is more that of self-employed than worker, although such work may be limited so as not to compete with the company. .

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