What Is Rebate Agreement In Sap Sd

Manual layouts Order type In the ManAccrls order type field, you define the standard order type for manual provisions, e.B provisions for service discounts, or provisions for retroactive discounts. If you are processing manual deferral for a remittance contract, SAP uses this type of sales document to create the credit note request for manual remittance accumulation. The SAP discount agreement creates a transparent mechanism instead of having larger discounts for major customers and vice versa. Margins are improved through valid discount and price calculations. Both discount periods are in the same period, and the second discount is an active discount agreement. Defining condition type groups The next step in customization is to assign one or more delivery conditions to a group of condition types. You then add this group to the discount agreement type. This way, you can create the discount contract and the discount conditions associated with the same transaction. The next screen is the presentation screen of the reduction agreement. Here you enter all the information about a discount contract. A discount recipient is a customer who must receive the discount and whose sales must be tracked for the processing of the discount. The validity period represents the validity of the discount and the verification level represents the level at which you would review a sales volume report for this discount agreement. Note: The billing type “B3” is the same as “G2”.

Apart from that, we specify the value “C” for the “Discount billing” field (partial billing for a discount agreement). You can set for each discount agreement whether it should be automatically renewed or not. Select Tools -> Discount Schedule -> Reactivate or Delete in Edit Delivery mode. Notes: The following steps explain the sap delivery process: Hello experts,1. I am creating a discount contract for a customer who uses BO03. After the delivery and payment of the customer`s order, I make the final invoice (credit note request and credit note)2. I create another discount contract for the same customer with BO03 and no sales order has been created yet, but when I click on the sales volume for the discount contract, the discount calculation for the sales order is displayed in the first step and I can invoice the past sales order that has already been the subject of a settlement. Can someone explain to us why the new discount agreement includes the old sales order data for sales? Thank you! Manual layouts This check box determines whether manual layouts should be allowed for a specific type of agreement. In the SAP standard, agreement types 0002 and 0005 are configured for manual layouts. Discounts will only be paid after the expiry of the validity period of the discount contract. In this way, the system maintains an overview of all billing documents (invoices, credit notes and direct debits) relevant for processing discounts in SAP SD.

The system automatically displays the provisions. Creating provisions helps accounting to have an overview of the cumulative value of the discount. On the Client Master File Billing tab page, there is a check box to enable discounts. sales. Make sure this selection is selected for your customers in the payer role. Create discount agreements: VBO1 Easy Access- Logistics- SD- Basic data- Agreements- Discount agreements- Create an agreement type: 0002 and press Enter. In the “Overview” screen, fill in the following details: – Remittance recipients: Payout number – Currency – Validity period – Contract status: open – Then go to Conditions Icon & Filling – Material, Discount amount, Provisions and Save – Then create the sales order, delivery, pick-up, issue of goods and invoice – After that, to see the discount in the sales order cycle, go to: VF01 * ® * Access conditions (article). . .


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